Portfolio: GetOne

Today's loyalty programs are completely digital. No more punch cards!  Selling a high-tech concept to a local store owner can be difficult....unless you're Get One Rewards and you hire hatch to craft a video about it.  Here's what the Get One Rewards program is all about. Like it? Get [you] One!

Portfolio: Broadway in Atlanta

If you thought being a season subscriber to Broadway in Atlanta just meant having the same seat all season, think again. Being a season subscriber offers you tons of perks, like priority seating  before the general public, VIP parking and your own personal concierge just to name a few. Watch this video to see how hatch brought all of these features into the spotlight.

2012 Recap

In general we try to avoid tooting our own horn, but…we're gonna do it anyway. We had an amazing 2012. We want to thank everyone who supported and worked with us in the last year. Here's a small recap of some of our awesome clients we were able to work with. Looking forward to an amazing 2013! 

Portfolio: BAM

Understanding a freight broker’s business challenges isn’t exactly “top-of-the-list” on Google searches! On the other hand, if you’re a struggling freight broker determined to grow your brokerage then this BAMWire video is like a full tank of fuel! BAMWire created a unique program to grow independent brokerages. But it’s complicated. Or is it? Play this video & watch how something so foreign becomes crystal clear in 106 seconds.

Portfolio: Sirportly

So you’re business is taking off. Congratulations! No? Oh wait, now you have to deal with all of those customers that are buying your product or service. What you need is a web-based application that allows you to keep in touch at all times. Hatch introduces you to Sirportly. Sirportly makes handling all your customer support a breeze. Hatch shows you how Sirportly allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer – night & day.

Great Use of Video: SQUAREFLAIR

There is nothing SQUARE about Squareflair’s Documentary (sorry that joke was just too easy). Squareflair designs Squarespace websites, that’s it.

Alan Houser, the founder of Squareflair does a great job of using online video to tell his story. You almost feel like you’ve known Alan for years after watching this documentary. You also feel completely confident that he’ll do a great job on your site. He even goes as far as delivering an online video of how to use your Squarespace site to his clients. This is a great tool for clients, even more so for large clients that may have multiple admins updating the site. Now they can all reference the instructional video 24hrs a day if they have any questions.

Portfolio: Bonnaroo

Okay, I know this post is a little late, but better late than never right. Bonnaroo was awesome this year, everything from camping in the dust filled, scorching hot fields to the constant supply of spicy pie every night. To top it off, after seeing bands likeRadioheadRed Hot Chilli Peppers, and Phish, the Gambler himself, Mr. Kenny Rogerswas the icing on the cake the last night.

But back to the main reason we were there, our orientation video we created for Bonnaroo staff and volunteers. Every year, Bonnaroo has thousands of volunteers and every year they receive the same text heavy documents outlining all rules and regulations. This year they not only wanted their staff to retain all of the information they also wanted to entertain them. So we here at hatch were happy to help.

Definitely the longest video we’ve completed to date, running 14 minutes in length, this video uses character animation to train & entertain! Due to the proprietary content we’ve edited down the video to 2 minutes but wanted to share it with you. One viewer called it “15 min of yummy Bonnaroo goodness!