How it Works

Animation or Live Action

We are storytellers who collaborate with you to craft that perfect video for your business. From concept to animation or live-action, hatch can help you reach a larger audience with a targeted video tailor-made for your company.



1. Copywritting

It all starts with a great story. We create a script that will engage your viewers with our proven track record.

2. Your Storyboard

We then capture the style and tone from the script and turn it into a working storyboard. A visual storyline that helps you visualize movement and narrative.

3. The Voice

Hatch uses professional voice-over talent from all over the world. We accompany the voice-over with a dynamic blend of music and sound effects.

4. Deliver the goods

And Presto! Your video is created. Your business is BOOMING, you buy a yacht and live happily ever after.