Who is Cary?

Cary Romanoff

This is Cary Romanoff. He's our Producer. 

Cary produced every video you'll watch in Our Work plus many many more. He makes sh*t happen. That's what producers do. But great producers are like great leaders- they squeeze the best out of talented people. Cary works with very talented directors, camera operators, illustrators, animators, writers, and more. 

Cary's got a real talent - he's a super creative guy with a passion for business & telling stories. For hatch Films, that combo translates into great work- business films & animated explainer videos. For you, it means you're hiring an experienced business mind, creative at the core, with super-hero-like ability to guide your production from concept through delivery. 

The Moment of Truth!

Each time you buy something or take a risk you're faced with an inevitable moment of truth.  "Does this do what I expect?", "Did he do what he said he'd do?", "Does this look good?". Right now, if you're considering hiring hatch to produce videos, then your moment of truth is answered in Our Work. Do you like what you see? If you do then we've established a degree of trust. We respect your trust very much and we intend to build on it by delivering exactly what we say we will at each "moment of truth" along the way: Concepts, Storyboards, Scripts, Shoot Dates, Editing, and of course your final video.

Cary does what he says we will do. Every time. Here's a few guys who agree:

if you're interested to discuss a project then call me directly at 404-944-3952 or email me at cary@hatchfilms.com.