Who is Cary?

Cary Romanoff

This is Cary Romanoff. He's our Producer. 

Cary produced the videos in Our Work. He makes sh*t happen. Great producers are great leaders, they bring out the best from talented people. Cary works with talented directors, writers, illustrators, animators, cinematographers, and the results speak for themselves. 

Cary's a creative leader with a passion for business & story telling. For Hatch Films that combo translates into effective business videos. For you it means you're hiring an experienced producer devoted to making your videos better than you expect. 

The Moment of Truth!

Every time you buy anything you're faced with an inevitable moment of truth.  "Does this do what I expected it to do?"and "Did he do what he said he'd do?." Right now, if you're considering Hatch to produce your videos then your first moment of truth is answered in Our Work. Do you like what you see? If you do then we've established a small degree of trust. We respect your trust and we intend to grow it long-term.

Contact Cary directly at 404-944-3952 or email cary@hatchfilms.com.

Cary does what he says we will do, every time. These guys vouch for that...